Thursday, 15 March 2012

Marching on!

The year is marching on. It feels like summer on the walks this week but the pictures still look like winter. This is part of the area we walk around between Foxhall Farm and the Adur.

The wild plums are out in flower. They come before the wild cherries.  I didn't know this last year. But I collected plums and cherries from these trees in July so now I know which they are even before the leaves open.

The primroses are another sign that spring is well under way.

I decided that this year I should try to capture some bird pictures - so here is the first. Lets start with the common ones! A sparrow. It's not a brilliant picture but it's a start.

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Where do I Walk?

Mainly in a fairly compact area on the north-east side of Steyning in West Sussex, UK.

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