Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Some pictures taken in July that haven't made it onto the blog.

Meadowsweet (left) has been in flower throughout July. It lives on the sides of some of the drainage ditches alongside Kings Barns Lane and there is a large stand of them in the low lying wet land between the sewage farm and the wood walk.

I have only found this one specimen of tufted vetch (right). I came across it by chance amongst the long grasses in the open field.

There is another member of the pea family growing in stands alongside the bypass. (left) This is ribbed melilot. They make a colourful patch on the roadside verge and look to me as though they would make a good garden plant.

Also, nearby, on the bramble hedge I came across a ringlet butterfly (right). My sources tell me that the adult butterfly feeds on brambles, thistles and ragwort. There are plenty of all of these in this area so it should be happy. I have not been very successful at catching pictures of the many other butterflies I've seen on my walks but this one posed nicely.

And lastly, Petra's favourites. These little creatures keep her very interested on her walks.

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