Sunday, 14 August 2011


There is a patch of marsh woundwort growing up through the vegetation by the footbridge at the end of the open field.

It grows in the damp ground of the riverbank.

You can compare it with my earlier picture of hedge woundwort

The woundworts seem to be amazingly useful herbs. The fresh crushed leaves can be used as a poultice for bad cuts. They are astringent and antiseptic. An infusion can be drunk to treat diarrhoea and also used as an eyewash for styes and conjunctivitis. The list is endless.

Besides the medical uses the tuberous roots are edible and said to have a pleasant nutty flavour, and the young shoots can be cooked like asparagus.

The plant also yields a yellow dye! What a collection of uses for a common wild plant.

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